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Working with Intek - David's Story

Ever wondered what it's like to work with a financing partner that truly understands your needs? 

David Jenicek, founder of Feedback Earth, shares his experience with Intek:

"[with Intek] we get the equipment we need to do the job we need."

When faced with the challenge of financing unique equipment, David turned to Intek and found a partner willing to go above and beyond. As he puts it,

 "Once we developed a relationship with Paul, it's like hey Paul can we [finance] this equipment that costs $50,000... Paul makes it happen."

Watch David Story Below


Choosing a local finance company doesn’t have to be rocket science.

What you need is a safe, easy, and simple financing method from an Independent/Local financing company with specialized expertise in tow truck-financing.

Looking to add another truck...speak with Intek today - 973-403-7788.